Masters of science in nursing with specialization in family nurse

Admission essay relevant to the MSN Program Objectives.


The essay should contain   the following: Admission essay relevant to the program objectives. (Word document, correct spelling and grammar, in APA format, and maximum length 3 pages).

•           A statement of professional goals and a discussion of the reasons for pursing an MSN degree, Family Nurse Practitioner track.  Base your responses in the context of the eight MSN program objectives included in this application packet.

•           The essay must be submitted in APA format, maximum length of three pages excluding title and reference pages.


Students graduating from the MSN-FNP program will have demonstrated their acquisition of competencies and proficiencies related to the following:

1.         Theoretical Foundations: Synthesize theories and concepts from nursing and other disciplines for application in advanced nursing roles.

2.         Evidence-Based Practice: Analyze current scientific research for application of findings to initiate change and to improve practice.

3.         Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, and Human Diversity: Create comprehensive plans of action that address the health promotion and disease prevention needs of individual, family, and community populations.

4.         Healthcare Policy, Organization and Finance: Formulate a plan for ongoing contributions to improvement of health care delivery and development of health policy in a cost-effective manner.

5.         Ethics: Apply an ethical decision-making process in professional practice and in analysis of systems of health care.

6.         Professional Role Development: Models a professional leadership role that fosters improvement of health care and advocates scholarly activities to advance self and profession.

7.         Informatics and Technology: Employ informatics and technology in various aspects of the advanced nursing leadership role.


8.         Advanced Nursing Role: Practice within ethical-legal guidelines, professional policies and regulations, and standards of practice associated with a specialty area of advanced nursing practice.

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