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This discussion will give you the opportunity to use the math skills we have been studying in class and apply them to real world situations. You will use the geometry formulas and other information that you have learned throughout the semester to complete the post for this discussion.  Your post should show good use of your geometry skills along with some creativity and it should demonstrate how the skills you are learning in class may be applied to everyday life.

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 You will be remodeling parts of a house to get it ready to sell (before you purchase the home that you wrote about in your written assignment! For the purposes of our discussion board, you will use the floor plan shown below. Notice that the measurements of the rooms are not included. You will use your own experience (for example, the house that you live in currently) to decide on the missing measurements for each room you remodel in the house shown in the floor plan. No two students should have the exact same measurements for all rooms or the exact same costs to remodeling their house.

Include in your post- in the form of a “report” not just tables:

  1. Start with the Master Bedroom: You will be painting the walls of this room (but not the ceiling).
    1. Include the floor dimensions of your master bedroom (you may use your own “real life” rooms’ measurements here) and give the wall height for each wall. You will also need to measure and include the number and size of windows and the doors as these will NOT be painted.
    2. Calculate the area of each wall that is being painted taking into account the windows and doors that will not be painted. Include your steps in computing these areas. (4 points)
    3. Go online to a hardware-type website (i.e. Home Depot, Lowe’s or other) and find the listing for the paint you will use (include link or picture of ad).The listing should show the price of a gallon of the paint. Look at the specifications for the product you selected. It should list the coverage area. You will use this information in part d. What paint are you using? What color? What is the price and the coverage for this paint? (2 points)
    4. Show all steps in calculating the cost of painting your master bedroom by including the amount of materials needed and their prices. Include tax at 8.3% (Optional-“buy” some paint brushes and supplies and include them in your cost) (4 points)
  2. Now you will change the flooring in four rooms from the house: Kitchen, Living Room/Dining Room, a bedroom (your choice) and a bathroom (your choice). Show all steps and information for each room as you did in #1 above:
    1. Tile one of the four rooms – Show all steps in calculating the areas and the cost by including similar information as you did in #1 above. Include links or images to the tile materials you chose and specifications (as you did above) (2 points)
    2. Install laminate flooring in a room different from a (2 points)
    3. Install carpet in a room different from a and b (2 points)
    4. For the remaining room, you may install the flooring of your choice (2 points)
  3. Now that you’ve gone through this process, reflect on the experience and share what you have learned about remodeling a house and your real life use of the math you’ve been studying.

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