Measuring Validity of a Program Research

Define the key features of a program and how to monitor progress.  Consider if you were in charge of the program and what kind of information you would expect with regards to monitoring progress. The paper should be three pages written in APA 6 format and use references and citations to support the ideas. Three pages do not including title and reference.  Must include 3 Peer-reviewed references and have links made available for the references 1 is provided  Public policy programs have been difficult to measure. Government program goals are often more “undefined” than goals established in the private sector. Government performance Acts have evolved over the decades. Management by Objectives dates to the 1970s. Program assessment tools began in the 1990s, and in the 2000s, the Program Assessment Rating Tool replaced the previous methods. However, public policy and program assessment continue to challenge officials interested in determining the validity of government programs. Research tests provide useful measurements for policy and program assessment. Criteria include: construct, convergent, concurrent, and discriminate validity. Construct validity determines the degree concept or variable definitions are correct. Convergent validity determines when several attempts of concept testing agree. Concurrent validity measures the similarity between a measure that is known to a proposed new measurement method. Discriminate validity is used to determine the degree the concepts are unique.


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