Media Strategy

Write a 5-page paper in APA format (not including the cover page and reference page).  Begin by reading the following background information:Background information.  Mary Kinton is the marketing director of the Stanton Medical Group, a large, 350-person multi-specialty group practice representing almost a full range of clinical specialties in Las Vegas, Nevada. It has grown to this size over the past five years by acquiring many smaller practices, but the core of the group was a 75-person practice with 10 senior physicians that still represent the leadership structure, which is referred to as the Board of Governors. The practice has 30 primary care satellites throughout the state in Tahoe, Reno, and in many smaller communities in Nevada. The group is also considering expanding into some contiguous states because of the slowing of the economy in Nevada. Because of the aggressive growth plans, there is a need for the refinement of a recruiting plan. At the upcoming quarterly Board of Governors’ meeting, Mary has been asked to present a review of past recruiting approaches. In the coming six months there are two critical needs that are distinctly different. The group has lost, through retirement, the Chairs of Cardiology and Oncology. The board has decided that it may be best to recruit externally for both of these positions, as both departments have not fulfilled their potential in terms of the development of clinical research. On the primary care level, there are increasing wait times because of serious understaffing in primary care physicians and pediatricians.However, after a particular meeting, a curious conversation occurred:At 7:30 p.m., Mary began her talk. “Stanton has followed over the past five years a very aggressive recruiting approach in terms of trying to attract physicians. We advertise in the major publications within each specialty society. We run advertisements not only in the clinical journals, if they have trade newspapers that accompany these that are published more frequently, we also run advertisements for our staffing needs.”Dr. McCall, one of the most senior members of the group, interrupts, “Mary, I am sorry to be quick here, but we have a lot of business to discuss on the agenda. We are trying to attract two very senior positions along with more primary care doctors. Should we follow suit as we have in the past?”“Why not?” says Dr. Benton, “We are probably one of the fastest-growing groups in the West in terms of physician staffing.”Essay requirements.  Write a 5-page paper in APA format (not including the cover page and reference page).  Your essay must use the background and at least two peer-reviewed journal articles from LIRN to address the following points:Explore and describe a potential media strategy helping resolve the problems in the case.What’s really going wrong in the story?What are the critical issues in this case?What might drive a 4P mix to attract each different cohort to the organization? Is it appropriate to use social media vehicles to attract younger physicians?


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