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Exam 2:Each exam must be formatted in the APA 7th edition format. Title page, Content pages (no more then 1 page per answer0. One reference page, 2 references per question. The question is not required to be retyped in the content of each page. ForAPA 7th edition help, attached is the Purdue Online Writing Lab url. 1What IfYou are the public information officer of your midsized police department. Your agency has been involved in a high-profile investigation that has generated national media coverage. There have been constant requests from the media for information. The media is being “fed” information from within the department and from the community that is only increasing their interest and demands for an official statement.Write a press release for a high-profile incident currently in the news.Determine the best way to deliver this press release.Question 2Media ToolsHow fairly do you feel the media in your community report crime and violence? Use the internet to research two media outlets coverage of the same news story. How do they differ? What is the significance of these differences with regards to bias and stereotyping?

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