Mental Health and Aging

Identify a health or mental health condition which disproportionately impacts an older adult population group (e.g., a group defined by gender, race, culture, cognitive or physical ability, health status, sexuality, etc.)Define the condition and the population groupDescribe how big of a problem this condition is for this group compared to the broader older adult population or adult populationMain Points (about 3 pages)Explain the reasons for disproportionate impacts of the condition in this population groupDescribe the unique experiences of the condition within the population groupDefine treatment options for the conditionDescribe treatment barriers for this population groupIdentify models of care to overcome treatment barriers for this population groupConclusion (about 1 page)Conclude with recommendations for how to improve care of the identified condition for this population groupReferences – APA format, cite all sources used in paper (about 7-10 sources); not included in page count


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