Mgmt 430 unit 3 individual project


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Production Planning and Quality Management: MGMT430

Deliverable Length: 3 – 4 pages

Assignment Type:  Individual Project

Unit3 – Individual Project

Review the scenario at beginning of the assignment list. 

As the company examines various methods to assess its performance and design processes, it is looking for an analysis of the existing workflow production process and the factors that most directly impact such measurements. As a review, the most common metrics for production processes are as follows:

  • Quality: the number of defects associated with a given      produc
  • Cost: material and labor cost
  • Timeliness: how quickly products are manufactured and      delivered
  • Flexibility: the degree to which the production process      can be adapted to produce other products or specific products more quickly
  • Productivity: a ratio of outputs divided by inputs
  • Efficiency: a ratio of actual outputs divided by      standard (or expected) outputs, multiplied by 100% to give a total      efficiency percentage
  • Cycle time: the total time it takes to complete a      production process
  • Theory of Constraints and Queuing Theory 

Using course materials and other research, complete the following: 

  • Explain how each measure can be applied to the      company’s production planning process. Can the company use each one?      How?
  • Rank the criteria listed above in order of importance      to the company’s production planning strategy detailing your      rationale for such a ranking.
  • Identify other measures that might apply to the      company and explain them. 

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course material

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