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The basic statement shared by all feminists is that women suffer certain injustices on account of their sex. Feminists stress the importance of gender divisions in society and it portrays these divisions as working to the overall advantage of men. Feminists are united with their common desire for sexual justice and their concern for women’s welfare (Hoplons, & Duggan, 2011).

Women believe that education as it stands promotes male domination; that there is gendered language within education, education produces stereotypes, education misses women from the curriculum, girls and boys subjects have been allowed to develop. Feminists believe that the education system is patriarchal; they believe that the Hidden curriculum reinforces gender differences (Duncan, 2010). Girls tend to do better now, although boys demand more attention from teachers. Men dominate top positions in school (Symour, 2012). One of the famous proponent of feminism is: Ann Oakley, a British sociologist and writer, born 1944. Her works include ‘Women Confined: Towards sociology of childbirth.’ And ‘Who’s afraid of Feminism?” (Orser, Elliott, & Leck, 2013).                                                                 

Relating personally to this topic, I would like to share some of my own country’s cultural beliefs about feminist. I am from India where people forced to have their wife or daughter in law to abort the baby if she happens to be a girl. The reason for killing baby girls before their birth was that everybody wanted to have boys. They believed that boys will take care of their parents when they grow old and on other hand they have to save lots money for dowry if it happens to be a daughter. I remembered my grandparents used to be abuse my mother for having three daughters. Aborting baby girls had happened frequent and routinely till government had banned on ultrasound to find genders of the babies. Now if someone request ultrasound to find baby’s gender they can get arrested or had to pay set amount of fines. In Indian culture they also celebrate boys’ birthdays and send them to good schools for better education, where daughters are kept in home to do household chores and labor. It is sad to say that this is still going on in some poor villages of the India. 

It is amazing to see the changes over the decades when it comes to females, the work force and education except some countries like India. My grandparents have shared stories with me on how females were treated back in the days, and all the humiliations females’ faced. I am glad our modern society is not bias towards the female gender. I firmly believe that both genders should be treated equally, and should receive the same education, and be allowed to work in any field as well. As society changes it is important for both parents to work so that together they can provide more for their family, and have a better economic status.

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