Mn555 unit 2 discussion 1


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Mn555 unit 2 discussion 1
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Group A – Last name A-G 

Discussion Topic – Respiratory Issues 

A 30-year-old female presents to your office with complaints of episodic shortness of breath and chest tightness. The symptoms have been off and on for about 2 years. The symptoms have worsened lately, occurring two or three times a month. Symptoms are worse during the spring months. She does not have any exercise-induced or nocturnal symptoms. There is a positive family history with her father having asthma. She is single and works in a high tech firm. She has a roommate, who moved in two months ago. With the roommate came a dog and a cat. The patient is s social smoker when she is out with friends. Drinks socially and has no history of illicit drug use. On examination mild end expiratory wheezing was noted.

  1. According to what you have      read, what is the diagnosis and diagnostic test can you do to confirm this      diagnosis? List 3 differential diagnoses.
  2. According to the diagnosis, how      would you treat this patient?


  • Answer the questions above.      Also, answer the additional questions below. Then, respond to at least 2      other classmates.

Group A – Last name A-G: What are the three categories of provocative agents that can trigger this diagnosis? What are the possible triggers for this patient?

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