Moderate knowledge in business law only need respond-business law 5

Topic: The Americans with Disabilities Act

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Must include 5 scholarly references. Must be at least 4.5 pages long. Must be in APA format. Please reference basic business law topics that would apply such as ethics, negligence, torts etc. Must include reference to which biblical principle is being raised by the decision/law being examined.


RESEARCH PAPER: The Research Paper shall not exceed five (5) pages in length. BE AWARE, it is far more difficult to write a quality paper that is shorter in length. To help achieve the highest grade possible, before writing your paper, please assure that you have (1) carefully researched the issue to be studied (at least 5 scholarly or academic resources should be consulted, considering both sides of the issue identified); (2) carefully analyzed the pertinent issue; (3) removed any excess or unneeded verbiage; (4) proofread the paper for proper grammatical structure; and (5) clearly, articulately, and concisely addressed the issue raised (this will require considerable time and thought on each student’s part). The Research Paper will emphasize CRITICAL THINKING, and will require incorporating into the analysis of the issue identified the various concepts discussed in class, in outside readings, and in the textbook. 

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