Multi-media creativity project | Literature homework help

Multi-Media Project Assignment 


For this assignment you must put together a creative project. The project should include work from a variety of media, including at least one example from each of the following areas. 

            Written Work/Entries





                        Film Script

            Audio Work/Entries

                        Music you’ve created

                        Sounds you’ve created

                        Sounds you’ve recorded

                        Voice recordings

            Visual Work/Entries



                        Graphic Design






You might also use elements and/or themes of

             Body movement



            Collective movement



            Sensory, imagery,






 You choose your own creative subject, at every point, for every part of the creative portfolio.

Your first entry for the multi-media portfolio will be a project description, abstract, or voiceover narration. That should be one paragraph to one page long and it should include

            Who you would like to give the portfolio to and why would you like to creat this for them?

             What your subject(s) will be

             What kind of materials or tools you will use

             What media you will use

            Your statement on how you plan on making the work creative

            Or a narrative that you will later use the foundation for a multi-media digital story

The portfolio/presentation may also include

             Quotes from writers, artists, musicians, mathematicians, scientists,       etc . . . , as you prefer

            Images from art, photography, film and other visual media

            Cuts from audio recordings

             Natural sounds 

            Sounds effects

You might also consider using strategies for the development of creative work, as learned or explored through activities and readings for this class. 

For example you might select a media for your creativity and then explore ways to combine the work from that media with strategies or techniques for working in other media. 

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