Multicultural fictional autobiography project | English homework help

PROMPT: Create a fictional character from a culture or subculture different than your own, living in a specific time and geographic location in the United States. Tell this character’s story through his or her thoughts, words, and social experiences. To bring this character to life, illustrate his or her attitudes, values, and beliefs, particularly those associated with his or her culture through specific language, events, and actions. In addition, examine how this character experiences a sense of power as well as limitations as a member of a cultural group or subgroup in mainstream U.S. society. The reader or viewer of your project should get a strong sense of your fictional character living everyday life as an actual member of a specific cultural group or subgroup.


FORMAT: You can tell your character’s story through a paper (a narrative or memoir written in first person), a video or screenplay (including some dialog), a newspaper article (extended feature piece with first person quotes), a personal diary, a radio series or extended interview like NPR’s This American Life series, a collection of poetry, a storytelling presentation using PowerPoint, Prezi, or other slide-based application, or animation.

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