National monument informative research essay

Select one of the National Monuments from the list (but NOT the Statue of Liberty), and write a 1000-word informative research essay about it. Make sure you are writing about a U. S. National Monument and not something else with a similar-sounding– but different– designation (like a National Memorial). Your essay should adhere to the Modern Language Association (MLA) essay format and use 12-point Times New Roman typeface throughout. See The Bedford Researcher for information on MLA essay format and requirements. Use the MLA practice template (see MLA Resources in Blackboard) to format your sources on your essay’s Works Cited page. MLA’s own website (see Blackboard link) also has guidance on working with the MLA practice template and on adhering to MLA style. So does the OWL at Perdue (again, see the Blackboard link). Incorporate into your essay at least two items borrowed from a secondary source (items like facts, quotes, ideas, statistics, et cetera), and then document that source according to MLA requirements. This means that your paper will have at least two parentheticals in‑text citations as well as a concluding page titled “Works Cited” where the required bibliographic information about your source(s) is presented in the format MLA wants. 

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National monument informative research essay
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