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Equal Rights Proposition Outline

Team B has selected racial profiling as related to the rights of ethnic or social groups when traveling through the airports in the United States. The TSA/Security is a government organization that employs Americans to keep people safe while traveling by air across the country and throughout the world. Team B will make this presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint®.

I.          Introduction

II.                            Issues, challenges, and opportunities experienced by the TSA in the labor force

1.      Applicants are forced to go through rigorous background checks

a.       A full credit report. Having a delinquent loan including a delinquent student loan will eliminate you from being hired (Transportation Security Administration (TSA), 2011). 

b.      A medical examination including a list of all medications prescribed.

c.       A full criminal background check ran by the FBI.

d.      A family and previous travel background disclaimer.

2.      Lengthy hiring process

a.       The screening process can take months to be completed.

b.      Credit and background checks are very thorough and can turn up issues the applicant did not even know existed.

3.      Discrimination complaints

a.       Several stipulations about citizenship are required to be considered for a position with the TSA. These stipulations eliminate these positions from being secured by almost all immigrants and are stricter than those stipulations put on the enlistment of the Armed Forces (Transportation Security Administration (TSA), 2011). 

b.      So many discrimination complaints were launched against the TSA that they had to increase their civil rights work force to address them (Strohm, 2004).

c.       A complaint process similar to the United States Post Office has been initiated. (Strohm, 2004).

III.                         How society has constructed this group’s identity 

1.      United States is the racial profiling at the airports.

a.       One of the most recent social issues in the United States is the racial profiling at the airports (Eric, 2009).

2.      Issue mainly affects Muslim Americans

a.       Following the increased cases of terrorism in the world, the United States decided to increase its security at the airports

b.      However, since most perpetrators of terrorism were Muslims, the Transport Security Administration (TSA) designed the checks such that Muslims are subjected to vigorous checks than other people (Eric, 2009).

IV.                          The legal framework relating to this issue

1.      Legal frameworks being advocated around this issue

a.       The cases have even gotten worse since the profiling has been extended by travel companies and even other passengers

b.      The society feels no longer safe around them. However, despite the Islamophobia, it is not fair to the Muslims. Simply because most terrorists are Muslims does not always mean that all Muslims are terrorist (Eric, 2009).

2.   More sophisticated detection equipment and airport personnel training.

a. Such advanced checks could include the use of more sophisticated detection    equipment and airport personnel training on identifying the behavior suspects.

V.        Summary of existing or proposed solutions of differing groups.

1.      Department of Homeland Security (Office of Inspector General)  – The United States Congress legislated the Homeland Security act in 2002, which established the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General Office.

a.       Federal Air Marshalls Service (FAMS)

b.      Discrimination Complaints

2.      Investigations – Because of the high volume of hostile work environment and discrimination complaints coming from the TSA, the inspector for Homeland Security mandated an investigation.

a.       Discrimination and Misconduct

b.      Findings and Recommendations

VI.       Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Probes TSA

A.    Stereotype – Although there is a program put in place to address discrimination within the TSA arena, it continues to be troublesome issue in the TSA.

1.      Race, religion and national origin

2.      EEOC complaints

B.     Employee Termination – Discrimination not only exists within the agency itself but across the world on how TSA agents are treating passengers.

1.      Arabic employee

2.      Investigation

VII.     Behavior Detection Program

1.      Racial Profiling

2.       Programs Recommendations

VIII.       Does the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agency exist in other countries?

1.   TSA is an Agency of the Department of Homeland Security for the United States. 

2.      TSA screeners use evasive security screening practices that have been viewed by other countries to be ineffective by industry standards in.

a.         Body Scanners

b.      Pat downs

c.        Removal of articles of clothing and personal accessories (shoes, belts, coats, jackets, sweaters, etc.) as reported by Hall, R. (2011).

d.      Liquids are limited to 3.4 ounces per item for carry-on luggage. (Hall, R. 2011.)

3.      Office of Global Strategies

a.       Comply with TSA and international standards

b.      Develop and promote implementation of effective transportation security worldwide

4.      International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

a.       Foreign aviation standards are adopted by ICAO that are delegated on behave of TSA.

5.      Government Regulations

6.      United States Code Title 49 of Chapter 449. (Department of Homeland Security Documents / FIND. Dec 8, 2015.)

a.        All foreign airports that allow service from United States aircraft operators are required to have all security measures assessed by the Secretary of Homeland Security.        

IX                        How does differing groups handle homeland security in their countries?

7.      Comparison of TSA to Western Europe

a.        Military or Police presence is standard operation procedure for Western European countries

b.      Security Personnel is paid twice as much as TSA screener in the United States

8.      Comparison of TSA to Israel – Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport. (International Digest. 2012.)

a.          Security Personnel are military or police trained graduates with specialized skills giving them the ability to detect potential threats and interrogation techniques.

b.      Screening methods are aggressive

c.          Psychological video surveillance that helps to identify behaviors associated with possible threats.

d.      Advance technology that surpasses ineffective body scanners that are used by TSA screeners in the United States. The MagShoe device has the ability to screen for explosives without passengers having to take their shoes off and it only takes a few seconds to conduct the screening.

Checked luggage is put in a pressure chamber that can trigger possible explosive devices.

X.        Team B’s Compromise Or Alternative To Existing Solutions

A.        Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT)  – develop a body scanner that could distort images of individual’s body parts.

B.        Increased education about racial profiling in the U.S. society.

C.        General Education of airport security and rules.

XI.       A description the organization, order, and approach to Team B’s presentation

A. Addressing TSA/Security of racial profiling in the airports (Cleary, 2000).

B. Educate people about the techniques used at the gates

a.       Opt-out for alternate screening

b.      Physical pat down

            C. Decrease fear and stereotypes made against the populace

a.       AIT does not detect devise hidden in body Cavity or powered (Spencer, 2010).

b.      K9 is used in the military and US Custom & Border Patrol (Kawucha, 2009). K-9 units are patrolling an airports can be found sniffing luggage and people for illegal drugs or bomb evidence (Kawucha, 2009).


XII.  Team B’s Decision On The Presentation Format For Week 5 Equal Rights Proposition Presentation.

A. Microsoft PowerPoint® 

XIII.    Conclusion




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