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  Career-Readiness Reflection (60 points)

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Choosing a career path is a big decision that takes a lot of time and effort. While you are not expected to decide on a career by the end of your first year, it is important that you engage in the career exploration process. Even if you have already decided on a career path, this assignment will help you learn more about the various options that exist within the career of interest. 

For this assignment, you will need to identify at least three websites on a career of interest to you. You can choose careers that are all related or have three different career interests. You will then create a 3 page summary document (be sure to cite sources in APA format) that includes the following information: 

  • Job description and job tasks
  • Job outlook and salary
  • Work environment and opportunities for advancement
  • Education and other requirements
  • Does your MyPlan results inform the type of jobs you are interested in?
  • Identify and discuss the co-curricular experiences you will participate in over the next 3 to 4 years to ensure you graduate as a highly competitive UCF Knight (i.e. Internships, Study Abroad, Undergraduate Research)?

Hint: Your MyPlan results, meeting with career services, and the databases we have covered provide a great deal of credible information regarding your career interests.

Career Services:​ 

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