Need research paper project – problems with millennials in the | MNGT 6000 Integrated Studies | Webster University


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Need research paper project – problems with millennials in the | MNGT 6000 Integrated Studies | Webster University
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Final paper  25 to 30 double spaced pages. Paper will be written in the third person and contain about 15 to 20 scholarly references or citations, which is the expectation for a project of this magnitude.   Paper will contain a list of references or bibliography that will match the references or citations noted in the body of the paper. Paper must be scholarly, which means giving credit where due, being thorough and not cursory, and being grammatically correct. Plagiarism free. Paper must be presented in APA format.  Need samples, studies, observations or survey examples. Has (2) due dates 2/15/19 for Literature Review and Final Paper due 3/2/19

Format for the final paper to be:

  • Problem.
  • Sub-Problems.
  • Data and Sources used.
  • Assumptions and Delimitations.
  • Importance of this study.
  • Hypothesis.
  • Literature Review.   due 2/16/19
  •           the Literature Review should include previous research in the general area, new ideas and perspectives, and numerous sources of data that support your point of view.
  • Make sure you include the required Reference page(s) listing all cited works.
  • You should have a minimum of 15 to 20 references and citations. 
  • Submit the literature review 2/16/19, which should examine related articles, books, speeches, etc, that deals with your research problem. Take care to properly describe, evaluate and synthesize any appropriate theoretical perspectives and any research findings relating to the problem and sub-problems that have been identified. 
  • Conclusions based on findings for final paper
  • Was the hypothesis supported or not by the research findings?
  • Recommendations to Management based on this research.
  • Final Paper due 3/2/19

Note academic research transitions should be throughout the paper must show applied research.

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