Neuropsychological research to readings paper

There is a final project in this course. The final project is designed to help you connect the information you learned in this course to real-life problems. I would like to see you integrate information you have learned throughout the term with current trends in neuropsychological research.


Please select one of the chapters from the Norman Doidge book, The Brain That Changes Itself. In your literature review, please present a brief overview of the chapter and the neurological disorders/concepts examined in this chapter.

Then, please select at least 2-3 peer reviewed articles (dated from 2012-present) which address concerns similar to those discussed in the chapter of your choice. Please present in your paper recent research findings, what the latest treatment approaches are for the given neuropsychological concerns discussed in the chapter, as well as your insights into what the future of neuropsychological treatment for the disorder you reviewed in the chapter looks like. Note: You may use your text as a reference, however, this will not count towards your 2-3 journal article requirements.

Be sure to use at least 2-3 peer-reviewed journal articles from our library – we have a very extensive collection. Write a 4-5 page paper discussing the evidence available for this proposed cause. This page count does NOT include the title page abstract, or references. Present the conclusions you reach based on your research of both the text and the journal articles. Then provide examples from the literature which support your points. Be sure to use APA formatting in your writing.

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