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You are hired as the chief informatics officer (CIO) for a new health system. The health system has 23 acute care facilities and 36 outpatient clinics. It serves as a regional referral center for the three states in the Midwest. Your installed base includes a vendor-supplied HER from a national firm. Work on the data warehouse is just beginning. You have more than 300 varying applications across sites, including everything from a stand alone pharmacy application for drug interactions to a cancer registry. Your goal is t provide IT support for the organizational vision of being the premier health organization in patient safety for the region. One of the first things you want to do is to plan for the future of IT.

  1. Given the future directions discussed in this chapter, select two directions you want to emphasize. Provide rationale for your choices in Risk Analysis and Personal health patient-centered health system

Discuss how you can use methodologies from futures research to plan for your preferred future with the future directions in Risk Analysis and Personal health patient-centered health system

Outline steps to introduce the chief executive officer to nanotechnology and its potential impact on the organizations.


You want to increase collaborative work with a local university. What future directions for education do you think are most important as a CIO ?
Your paper should be two to three pages in length, excluding the title and reference pages and formatted according to APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. In addition to the textbook, utilize a minimum of two scholarly sources to support your position.

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