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Practice Analyzing the Textbook Structure of our Vocabulary Textbook*


Now that you have analyzed the textbook structure from in class activities, practice this strategy using the Textbook Structure Analysis GridPreview the documentView in a new windowView in a new window View in a new windowAnalyze the following pages from your class textbook, Supplemental Readings D – Chapter 6: Crime and Justice in the Twentieth-First Century pp. 23-25. Highlight and label the textbook structures. Take a picture and upload the pages:

When you finish, save it under a different name and upload the completed document (find the submit assignment area to the right and follow the prompts), then write a reflection in the comment section. Use your best writing skills and provide thoughtful, detailed answers.  Address the following items:

  1. Strategy:  Describe this strategy (specifically, what things did you look at) in detail. This should be at least 3-5 sentences.
  2. Outcome: Describe the outcome:  write a paragraph in which you thoughtfully respond the the following questions:
  • How well did the strategy work in your class?
  • Did you have to adjust the strategy? How? Why?
  • What did you get out of this activity?

By the due date, you will need to submit both the filled-in document: Textbook Structure Grid (as a file upload)  and your responses to the reflection portion (as a comment) for completion credit.


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