Nurs 4021 wk 6 praticum power point


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NURS 4020 Leadership Competencies in Nursing and Healthcare


Combine all the practicum together and present a power point .
Practicum Change Project PowerPoint  (
Benefit of reaching patient within 2 days of hospital discharge in reducing chance of readmission)


Grading Criteria


Create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your Practicum Change Project.   Include a minimum of 8 slides (15 maximum) and the following information provided below. The PowerPoint Presentation is worth a maximum of 200 points . Points will be awarded as follows.





Title Page

Follows APA requirements for the title page

10 points

Describe the proposed change including evidence to support the project.  Identify the quality and safety issue addressed by the project.

Collaborates with professionals in the facility to discuss the need for the proposed change.

Identifies the quality and safety issue addressed by the project.

20 points

Describe the change theory and model used as framework for the project. Apply the steps of the change theory to the project development process.

Selects one of the major change theories and applies the project development process to each step of the theory.

Discusses how the project aligns with the facility mission, vision and values.

30 points

Describe your collaborattion with multidisciplinary team members.

Describes the members of the multidisciplinary team and their role in the proposed project.

30 points

Present the proposed budget for the project.

Develops a realistic budget for the project including salaries, equipment, supplies, education, travel and so forth.  Justifies the need for the budget items.

30 points

Discuss the quality and safety issue addressed by the project.

Discusses the quality and safety issue and how the project will help decrease the incidence of the issue in the facility.

30 points

Describe dissemination strategies and justify the selection of the strategies

Describes the most effective way to disseminate the final project if the opportunity were available to do so.


30 points

A minimum of 5 scholarly references are used in the project including peer-reviewed research articles and textbooks.

References are current and are peer-reviewed research articles and/or current textbooks.

20 points


200 Points

Deductions – 25 Points may be deducted for:

Late posting of PowerPoint (Post by Day 4)

Inadequate number of references to support your project.

Errors such as: typos, grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, or lack of APA style or incorrect APA formatted references.







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