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Robert Saik is an agrology consultant who promotes the benefits of genetic engineering in crop plants. I posted his TedTalk from 2015 because so much of the media regarding GM-crops has been anti-GMO (genetically-modified-organism). I think most of us have heard the arguments against GMOs in agriculture (potentially unsafe for human consumption, GM genes that could escape into wild populations, etc.), but not as much attention has been placed on the advantages of this very controversial technology. Please answer the following questions after viewing the video for our final discussion of the quarter! 

1) Do you agree with Rob’s argument that GMOs are needed to feed such a large worldwide human population (approaching 8 billion)? And should be used to help those with nutrient deficiencies?

2) What do you think of his statement that we seem to have “food paranoia” today as a society when referring to the public’s perception of GMOs? 

3) Which do you think are some of the most significant benefits of GMOs for human populations?

4) Does the video alter your opinion in any way regarding the place of genetic engineering in agriculture? In what way(s)?

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