Nutrition hw | Biology homework help

Search for information on websites related to the chapters and locate a web-based resource relating to that information. Look for resources that are reputable:

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Nutrition hw | Biology homework help
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Chapter 1


Food Choices: Nutrients and Nourishment


-The Science of Nutrition:




Nutrition Guidelines: Tools for a Healthful




Linking Nutrients, Foods, and Health


Chapter 3


The Human Body: From Food to Fuel.


Taste and Smell:


Sight, smell, thought, taste, and sound


 The Gastrointestinal Tract.


Chapter 4


Carbohydrates: Simple Sugars and Complex




What Are Carbohydrates?




  Spotlight on Alcohol


The Character of Alcohol.


Alcohol and Its Sources.


 Chapter 6


Proteins and Amino Acids: Function Follows




Why Is Protein Important?




 Spotlight on Dietary Supplements and


Functional Foods


Dietary Supplements: Vitamins and






Spotlight on Metabolism and Energy




Energy: Fuel for Work:


•Energy source




 Spotlight on Eating Disorders


Chapter 10


Spotlight on Obesity


and Weight Management


Obesity as a Behavioral Problem


Chapter 11


Life Cycle: Maternal and Infant Nutrition.


Nutrition Before Conception.


 Chapter 12


Life Cycle: From Childhood Through Older




Childhood: energy, and protein.


Chapter 13


Spotlight on World Nutrition 


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