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CRJ4100 Discussion Board: Due Thursday 9PM

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Tommy lives with his mother, Margaret, who is a single parent.Margaret has very limited abilities.Although she is not labeled developmentally delayed, she has low intellectual abilities.She has little education and has no employable skills.It is doubtful that she could obtain even high school skills in an adult education program or attain employment training.Her home is filthy, unhealthy, and unsafe.The bathroom plumbing has not worked in three weeks.Dog and cat excrement is everywhere.Clothing and bedding are piled in closets and in corners, unwashed.There is little in the refrigerator to eat.Dishes remain unclean and are gathering maggots and mold.Many papers and old rags are near the stove and the furnace.Although Margaret is a nice woman and loves Tommy very much, she has few parenting skills; having limited awareness of her son’s activities, she believes and accepts his excuses and misbehavior.When she needs to disciple him, she yells and screams, but does not follow through on consequences.Her mental health status is very poor, yet she fails to seek professional assistance.It would appear that in the “best interest” of Tommy, you should report the unhealthy home conditions to the local housing authorities, report the unsafe home conditions to the Protective Service Department of Social Services, and file a petition in Juvenile Court to remove the minor from his unsafe home.However, while Tommy’s short-term interest may be served by this action, there is a strong possibility that such an action could have serious detrimental effects.This mother is emotionally fragile.If the city housing department condemns the home, the mother has no other place to live and other housing is very difficult to find.The Department of Social Services would put pressure on this mother to eliminate the filthy conditions.If her son is removed from her care, she would “fall apart.”You strongly sense that if Tommy’s best interest are served, the mother is likely to attempt suicide.


Based on Chapter 3 “The Ingredients of Conflict,” what are some areas that you would address and why?How important are “needs,” “perceptions,” “values and principles,” and “feelings and emotions” when it come to a situation like this that could erupt into a conflict?


You are to write a minimum of 150 words in your Discussion Board. You are to write in the APA format 6th edition and support your work by citing sources.


Textbook for CRJ4100:Weeks, D. (1994), The eight essential steps to conflict resolution; Preserving relationships at work, at home, and in the community. New York: Penguin Putnam Inc.

CRJ4100 Article Due Wednesday 9PM

Article Due:  Article must be related to Ingredients of Conflict

 You will be responsible for finding these articles for discussion and write a summary of the article to be handed in with the article.  You will be graded on your participation as well as turning in the actual article. Each article has a theme so look at the reading schedule to see what the article must be about. Minimum of 2 pages, must also have a abstract, citations, and refernces. Do not forget to attach the article to the end of the paper.



CRJ3500 Discussion Board Due Thursday 9pm

At what point are efforts to remove “unfit” judges really efforts to remove judges because of decisions they have made?Review what the judge (magistrate) said at the bail hearing in South Carolina on the death of the individuals that were killed in the church.Did he overstep his boundaries, especially letting the victims talk in front of the offender before a trial has even been set?


All discussion boards must have a minimum of 150 words.It must follow the APA format with citations one of which must be your text.


CRJ3500 Moview Review Due Wednesday 9PM

All students are required to watch the following movies that depict various aspects of the court system and write a review of each movie. These movies are available through Netflix and should also be available through your local library, as they are classic films. 

Movie Review Three: The Verdict (1982) 

Movie reviews consist of the following parts: 
• Introduction, with title, leading actors, director, and release date 
• Summary of the story 
• Analysis of story elements – like rising action, climax 
• Creative elements, use of color, camera techniques, mood and tone 
• Your opinion of the movie. You need to go further than just saying that it was “good” or “bad.” Think about the movie in terms of what you are learning in class and how it does or does not help you understand the concepts we are discussing. 
• The reviews need to be analytic, as opposed to simply descriptive; by “analytic,” I mean that the paper should seek to explain or understand something, and not just to describe it. You should watch the movies with a view toward what they can teach you about the course material.

Textbook for CRJ3500: Neubauer, D. (2011). America’s courts and the criminal justice system. [ 11th edition] University of New Orleans: Thomson/Wadsworth





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