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What happened to the occupy movement? Did it make a difference, was all the damage and trouble wort it? More importantly, did many of the acts of violence and criminal damage qualify as domestic terrorism?


I have been watching the occupy movement and have wondered what if any internal threats to our society are introduced through these “movements.” I concur there is a large amount of civil unfairness and there is reason for concern (in my opinion) that our values are not reflected in industry and society and even government. But then I see these “Occupy” people. I don’t think they reflect me either. What appears to be their goal Utopian-socialist society which cannot be achieved in my opinion. Far from any scientific research it looks like the same group of malcontents that protest about anything and many of which have little to no higher education and or professional skills. I am certain there are highly educated individuals in this movement, however I am concerned with the the people who are actually living in the tents and are “occupying” something.

My point is this, these groups are particularly susceptible to influence that can threaten society. Would Tim McVeigh be at Occupy Phoenix (with all eight of of the other Occupiers)? Would Eric Rudolph be at Occupy Memphis?

What are your thoughts, are a majority of “Occupy” people just slackers wandering from protests to protests ripe for nefarious influence? or are they something different?


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