Ol 211: milestone two: employee development processes

OL 211: Milestone Two: Employee Development Processes

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1.      Case Study: Analysis of Case Study: A.P. Moller-Maersk Group: Evaluating Strategic Talent Management Initiatives.

2.      Job Posting: Customer Service – CARE Business Partner

3.      SHRM Power Point presentation and its note pages: Unit 6: Training Methods, Experiential Learning and Technology


Instructions:  You will write and submit on time, a 2-3 page written document that will include the five sections identified below:

Section One:

·         Illustrate (Explain) the value of a training needs assessment in an organization in general, supporting your response (with reference material).


Section Two:

·         Describe the components of a needs assessment used to determine the training requirements of a Customer Service – CARE Business Partner in Maersk.


Section Three:

·         Describe the importance of creating Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-oriented (SMART) objectives for a training plan.


Section Four:

·         Explain the importance of developing learning activities for a Maersk Customer Service – CARE Business Partner training program.


Section Five:

·         Describe how you would incorporate adult learning principles and methods of experiential learning from this OL 211 course into the Maersk Customer Service – CARE Business Partner training program.


Writing Mechanics per APA:

·         In addition to your two – three page written paper, include a title page and a reference(s) page.

·         Use 12-point Times New Roman Font; Double space; One-inch margins.

·         Citations formatted according to APA style

·         Writing is free of errors and written in a professional and easy to read format


Notes: You want to ensure your paper:

ü  The descriptions are clear and detailed. Give examples.

ü  You show through your writing that you have keen insight into the needs of adult learners.

ü  You use scholarly research (references) to contextualize (related) to your claims (descriptions and statements).

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