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The right healthcare system could make or break a healthcare organization so after careful evaluation of all the possibility, I would suggest our CEO, Max to go with the service oriented architecture due to the nature of its flexibility and software container. I would also be talking about the pros and cons to my recommendation and why I chose this service-oriented architecture over monolithic system.

            At the time of the discussion of this system choice problem, some major pros of the SOA system were: SOA is flexibility making selective standardization possible, code can be reconfigure, lower risk through incremental steps, and possible lower cost. The cons are that: SOA was new and no industry track record making it hard to form any prediction, the organization will be the guinea pig, high risk, and everything might go down the drain with this new system.


             In order to make the correct decision for our company system, we need to answer a few questions: how to assess SOA’s risks, how to adopt SOA incrementally, how to decide which process to standardize, and how software containers play a role in this. We can assess SOA risks by association of the vendors and their pricing, the security of the vendor system, and the reliability of the vendor system. We also need to understand the user requirements on security, data management, and integration in order to do a full SOA risk assessment. The organization can adopt SOA incrementally by starting a bidding war among the vendors and do a period of 1 months, 3 months, and a year trial with different vendors. The organization can then decide which options are variable for them to build on current investment. The organization can decide which process to standardize by separating the features of the hospital to breakdown the common and the specific. By doing so, they can get a better understanding which can be standardize like bill payments, common medical equipment’s, etc. And things to specialize like the protocol for treating colon cancer. Software containers play a big role in healthcare business as a lot of information need to be stored, sync, and secured.  The SOA will be beneficial for software containment because SOA offers system design that support allocation and reusability of different system resources across the healthcare network. Due to the nature of this flexibility, we can achieved our goal of retaining selective standardization. In order to keep our practice in the best interest, I hope that Mr. Max will choose SOA as our architecture. 

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