Online module 2 | Social Science homework help

Online Module 2

This week you will create Module 2 of your online course. Remember to use the design work you did in Week One as a guide.


Your Module must include the following:

    1. A brief module overview: What will the students learn ?


    1. Two to three learning objectives.


    1. A 7-10 slide content PowerPoint presentation that teaches the Module 2 objectives.


    1. Two to three additional learning resources (i.e. videos, websites, articles) that relate to the Module 2 objectives/content and can be used to support learning.


    1. A discussion prompt that you would have students answer. Remember, you want discussion prompts to simulate critical thinking. Note: Set up the discussion in a way that is different from that of the previous week’s discussion. For example, create a scenario that sets up the discussion, or find an engaging, accessible video to base the discussion question around. 


    1. An assignment based on the content within the content presentation: With this, you need to create directions for an assignment you would have students complete in Module 2, as well as a rubric for grading the assignment. Note: This assignment should have a collaborative component to it (i.e. group work). .


  1. A five-item quiz that assesses student’s knowledge of the Module 2. 

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