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Here is the reason why my late to applying for graduation was late. 2 reasons. Im writing this essay so the Academic Affairs can approve my graduation application and why i was late. 



1. I owed $2,630 to treasury service and they told me i cant apply till i pay that off.


2. Good Morning, My name is Sadiiq Ali, I’m a Finance major at Prairie View A&M University. I’m currently a senior, I’m having a problem with one of my professors, Attached is a proof of letter from my lawyer and grade I received in this class. I passed all my tests and exams, lowest grade is a 79. Please look at this and tell me if I receive a “D”. I have to do community service at Fort Bend County, Ms. Svilland was aware of this since Fall 2015, this is the 2nd time I’m taking her class. I deserved my grade last semester but this semester I cant let it go. I have a lot of absences from the 2 classes I took but I also have excuse from my lawyer. I believe Ms.Svilland has some sort of grudge. I missed one presentation out of 3, I got 88 and 79 on the other 2, I was arrested the day of the presentation, she refused to let me make it up. Ms. Svilland told me,” if Dr. Khan ok’s it she will take it”, I went to go see Dr.Khan and he told me to email him the day I missed a presentation and excuse, which I did. I wrote my informative presentation 3 days before the due date. Dr. Khan told me to submit the essay to him, which I did then he forwarded it to Ms. Svilland. When I texted she told Dr. Khan,” that I didn’t run the top[ic through her”. I don’t know what that’s suppose to mean, its paper on informative presentation, I picked “starvation in Africa” and how people can help them. My essay was an easy 100. I don’t work and I cant afford to take this class again, I would have understood if I didn’t do good in any of my presentation nor exams but as you can see on the attached document, I deserved a “B or C”, I had “B” in midterms than after the missed presentation it brought me down to a 71 which that’s 9 points. I’m graduating this August and taking one class at Sam Houston State University. Please help me get the grade I deserve, this teacher gave other students chances but not me. Also attached is the essay I wrote and submitted to  Dr. Khan.

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