Opinions on war through religious perspectives



Essay: You will be responsible for one essay of 1250-1750 words. 

PROMPT: You will be writing this paper about WAR. For this paper, I want you to: 1. Choose two different perspectives and describe their positions; 2. Argue whether or not you think these two different groups can work together towards a common goal despite their differences. Make sure to answer why you think this would be possible/impossible and how they could get past their differences.

For this assignment, you must reference at least three different sources we have used in class. Do not use outside sources. Only use sources from our class.

This assignment is due July 22nd.

You must turn in a paper copy of the final draft in class as well as submit your paper to Turnitin via Canvas. Late papers will be penalized 10 points per 24-hours late.

Paper must be: 1) free of spelling and grammatical errors; 2) 12-point font, double-spaced; 3) stapled; 4) Be within the designated word count range. Papers must include a works cited page and proper in-text citations. Please indicate the word count under your name on the front page. Failure to follow these specifications will result in penalties.

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