Option #2: organizational staffing and development portfolio

Option #2: Organizational Staffing and Development Portfolio Presentation

In this final Portfolio Project presentation, you will illustrate the lessons learned throughout this term. For this portfolio assignment:
Consider an organization you currently work for or have worked for in the past.  Assume that you have been asked to educate the senior leadership of that organization regarding the benefits of a staffing and development plan that is linked to the organization’s strategic plan.  
Explain the staffing and development to the organization’s senior leadership including a recommendation that the organization utilize the model in their staffing practices. 

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  1. Address elements of the plan, the interrelationships between staffing and development and how these are linked to an impact the organization’s strategic plan.
  2. Address any potential resistance to the policy used.  Include examples and recommendations. 
  3. Develop three (3) recommendations on how to improve upon the current staffing and development policies. These recommendations should be new and innovative, showcasing your creativity based on what you learned in the course.
  4. Assess any resistance to these recommendations, and how that would be overcome.

The presentation (PowerPoint or other presentation program) should be 7 slides, not including title or reference slides, and follow CSU-Global APA format (Links to an external site.).  A minimum of five scholarly sources should be cited and referenced. Consider other industry/trade and government sources as well. Use the notes page for extensive talking points and to show an understanding of the topics.

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