Order 1371161: political violence and revolution: the arab spring


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Please write a short paper (minimum 3 pages and maximum 5 pages long) analyzing one case of political violence and revolutions. In examining this case study, please answer ALL the questions from the course framework Course framework for case studies in Political Violence and Revolution Origins/ Historical Context International Conditions State/Government Conditions Elite conditions Popular conditions Who is the actor/agent using political violence? -Demographics of actors/agents What are the goals (ideology) of this actor/agent? What are the targets? What resources does actor have? -Domestic and International resources What are the tactics/forms of violence? How is the evolution/process of violence? – Does target respond to violence? How? Does interaction between target and agent influence the evolution/process of violence? Does public opinion influence evolution?-Does violence evolve? Or does it remain static/unchanged? What is the outcome of violence? Future impact of violence

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