order 916837: retail project: phase 2


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order 916837: retail project: phase 2
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The retail  project will be built within a PowerPoint presentation. Be sure to  include notes in the notes section to help with selected succinct  salient content on each slide. Submit each phase as a stand-alone  assignment (combine all slides at the end of the final project) with a  reference section at the end. You need to ensure that you are also using  in-text citations to show where and when you are using your references.     The slides should be bullet points, brief sentences, charts, or  pictures to help illustrate your retail analysis. Content to be covered  in the presentation are noted with bullet points below:   Title Slide: Introduction. Name, retailers covered.  Both retailer′s NAICS codes, industry. Describe the basic retail strategies that each retailer uses. Analyze both retailers’ financials and explain which one is doing better  and why. Describe the two retailers’ current financials; such as profit  margins %, operating margin %, and return on assets%. This slide may go  beyond one slide. Be sure to analyze and explain a minimum of three  financial performance indicators and the KPIs that are associated with  controlling it.  The objective is to analyze key performance indicators and explain the  findings in the given situation for both retailers.   PHASE 2: How will you forecast staffing needs for your two retailers based on the  current time of the year?      *I have attached phase 1 for your reference –

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