Organizational Change Plan

Hello! I attached the abstract and over view of the topic as well as there you will find some of the articles you can use. Feel free to look for other articles as well. Make sure everything is cited. Thank you!Here is the actual topic and questions for this assignment!CS Integration: Recommendation(s) and Organizational Change Plan  (4-6 pages):Based on your analysis, what course of action does your group recommend that the organization take? What and who will need to change? What is your recommended implementation plan (timing, targets, tactics)? Is this a major change from the current ways of working? Are you recommending incremental changes or transformational changes? These will be your CS applications from Benn et al (2019). What recommendations do you offer to raise its gender equality, ethics and inclusive programs?  Who (female) do you recommend to be on their corporate board?You will need to also draw from Spector’s (2013) theories of organizational change and ‘theory to practice’ narratives to support your actual change in business model for the firm.  How would you guide the organization through the change process? Which model of change or transformation would best help the organization’s (or sub-unit’s) movement toward sustainability?Be sure to use this plan to create a roadmap for change. This roadmap should include a visual depiction of the plan that you can share with the people who will be involved in making the change happen.  Include a discussion of the forces that may contribute to the organization’s evolutionary (incremental) and/or revolutionary (transformational) path of change, as well as the forces that may work against the change (e.g., What are the barriers? Where do you expect resistance to change? How do you plan to deal with it?). Be sure to include recommendations for making the change “stick.”


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