Outline for thesis project | Law homework help

To successfully complete this assignment, you must write a detailed outline of your creative research project.

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The outline is important for two reasons. First, it will help you to organize your thoughts and the information you have gathered from your sources.  An effective detailed outline gives you the framework of your project, and also helps you figure out where and how you will cite various sources. The process of drafting an outline also enables you to identify and correct gaps in the logical flow of your creative research project. 

As you know, in legal writing, you must ensure that every assertion you make is supported by authority. In your research project, everything you write that is not your own original idea or conclusion or a universally known fact must be supported by reference to either primary or secondary authority. An outline gives you a general picture of how each section of your paper will be structured, and of the authority you will cite in support of that structure. If you write a thorough outline, you will, in effect, be filling in the gaps when you start writing your first draft. Your outline will ultimately be a working document. As you do additional research and expand your ideas, you should likewise expand the outline. Again – this will make writing your first draft much easier.

The outline you turn in will be at least five pages in length, and will include the introduction, the major sections of the paper, and the conclusion. The outline will clearly show the framework of your paper, and will also include the sources used in each section of the paper, so that it is clear that you have support for each major point you are making. You will have a minimum of five sources under each major heading in the outline. Your sources must include primary sources. All citations will be in proper Bluebook academic citation format (footnotes). 

A sample detailed outline is located in your Week 3 Lesson. Bear in mind that this outline is a formal submission. Pay close attention to citation format, writing mechanics, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, as well as to structure and content.

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