Ovarian Cysts

Requirements for each post:- Each post must be at least 200 words.- Please do not give me your opinion without scientific facts to back up your statement.- Use reliable sources/website- Provide citationsOvarian cystsCOLLAPSEMany females develop ovarian cysts during their lifetime. What are some different types of ovarian cysts? How common is it for females to develop ovarian cysts during their lifetime? You can research a particular type of cyst and write about it in detail (e.g. dermoid cyst, cystadenomas, and conditions such a polycystic ovary syndrome. What are some symptoms of ovarian cysts? What are some treatment options?Brain-Gut axisCOLLAPSEWhat is the brain-gut axis? What is a gut flora? Can you discuss the results of a research that relate to the brain-gut axis? What are there limitation to the research? How can the finding be useful in medicine one day? How can the use of probiotics change gut flora? How does gut flora relate to other aspects of our health?


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