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Phenomenological research involves the research of the person, their unique individual experiences in relation to their surroundings. According to Gordon, Gray, & Burns (2015), “The world shapes the person, and the person shapes the world.” (Gordon, Gray, & Burns, 2015, p. 69). Phenomenological researchers endeavor is to understand the person, their emotions, environment, actions, and reactions to stimuli. This research is based on the individual’s personal subjective account of an event and their response. 


Ethnographic research involves the researcher’s complete immersion in the cultural environment of the subject for an extended amount of time.  This research includes observing a group of people, their culture, experiences, traditions, symbolic events, celebrated holidays, language, ways of living, spiritual and religious preferences, social interactions, communication and way of life. (Gordon, Gray & Burns, 2015). 


The similarities between the two types of research include they are both centered around the subject and their interaction with a community and environment.  The difference between them is that phenomenological research involves the study of the individual and their unique personal experiences within their society and environment where the ethnographical research is the study of a culture or society of people and their collective experiences within their society and environment.



Grove, S., Gray, J., Burns, N. (2015). Understanding Nursing Research, 6th Edition. [Pageburstl]. Retrieved from https://pageburstls.elsevier.com/#/books/9781455770601/


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