Pad 599 week 4 db

Week 4 DB 1

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Pad 599 week 4 db
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Review “Day One” in Chapter 8. The President of the U.S. gets 100 days to prove himself. However, it is unlikely Jacqueline Gibson will get that much time. Gibson needs to take charge quickly and effectively during this critical career transition period. Discuss one or two specific strategies she might follow and actions she might take.


Using the agency selected in Assignment 1-(Government Accountability Office), discuss how the leadership is promoting change to the field of public administration. Justify your response with one or two examples. 

DB 2 

Using the e-Activity and the agency selected in Assignment 1-(Government Accountability Office),, find a current event from the past two years and discuss the administrative responsibility to the stakeholders, organization, and public regarding the issues in described in the current event. Justify your response with one or two examples.

 Review “The FDA Task Force” in Chapter 4. The author of the case study states: “Even though at least 60 percent of Americans disapprove of cloned food, the FDA in 2006 ruled that milk and meat from cloned animals should be allowed on grocery store shelves.” As an FDA Administrator, explain how you would respond to the public’s objections of the “respected colleague” about the use of control groups. In your response, identify and explain which principles you applied. Provide one or two examples to support your response.

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