Paper #1 — english 1060 (this paper composition 1


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)  Is the main point correctly underlined?  Is it focused and provocative?

2)  Does the ending offer a sense of discovery, or is it simply repetitious

3)  Is the title unique and provocative?

You will attach (not simply paste in) these two critiques to the paper when you send it to me.

The thoughtfulness and helpfulness of the peer-critiques will determine the grades thereon.  Peer-critiques need to be substantial — these questions are not meant to be answered in a single sentence.  Give each other help, make suggestions — the entire point here is for you to be as ‘authentic’ a class as we can create on-line.


Choose one item a) under “Suggestions for Sustained Writing” on page 13 (if you choose this one, do NOT write a letter, as the book suggests), 20, or 45.  Your essay should be from 600-700 words long and should contain an introduction (replete with an underlined thesis statement), a body, and a conclusion, which will offer discovery to the reader.  Your ending will always answer the question, “What did I learn about the relationship between myself and this topic by writing my essay?” 

If you’re in doubt about what constitutes a good essay, reread Paper Grades, and consider the essays we’ve read in section one.

Too, I want you to copy three stylistic techniques from any essay(s) in this section; then,  at the end of your essay, tell me a) whose techniques you copied and b) where you imitated them in your own paper.

Last, before you turn this paper in, you must sent it to any two other people in the class, so don’t wait until the last minute to write this essay, or grades will suffer.   It would be a good idea to email the essay out to others by Saturday, the 13th, so the critiquers have time to send you their comments.

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