Paper on politics and economics

Here is Assignment #2. Please note that this paper is due at the end of Week 8. We will be talking about politics and economics in the coming weeks. 

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This project builds on your readings and discussions about government and politics, economics, and other social science disciplines. Choose one of the following issues to discuss from the perspective of government and politics as well as economics. You may select a topic not listed here but it must be approved by your instructor at least two weeks prior to the due date. The list of topics is:

  • whether democracy is good for all countries
  • whether we need to play the role of the world’s policeman
  • whether economic disparities are growing in the United States
  • the impact of our foreign policy on people in a selected country
  • the impact of terrorism on people in the United Stateswomen’s rights in the United States or another country
  • functions of the media in the United States
  • unemployment problems in the United States or any other country
  • health care in the United States
  • issues along the Mexican Border: should we keep our border closed and build fences?
  • the rise of China and its influence on the U.S. Congresspartisanship and bipartisanship in the House and the Senate

If you are particularly interested in any other topic that is not on this list please contact me.

Select your topic and then discuss the following three aspects:

1.     The political perspective of the issue: the political reasons for the development or impact of the issue

2.     The economic perspective of the issue: the economic reasons for the development or impact of the issue

3.     An integrated analysis of the issue using both the political and economic perspectives

Please note that it is required that you obtain at least four scholarly journal articles or books to address your selected issue. Databases in the library that might help include: Academic Search Premier, Social Science Abstracts, Berkeley Electronic Press, CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online), Contemporary Women’s Issues, GenderWatch, Lexis Nexis, and PAIS International.

Required Format:

For this paper use Microsoft Word and APA Formatting, including a Title Page. Use double spacing, 12-point font, one-inch margins (left, right, top, and bottom), page numbering, and a logical flow from topic to topic. Papers should be 6 pages in length plus a 7th page for References. The paper should also include a Title Page formatted in APA format. Please divide your paper into four sections plus References, i.e.,


Section I: Introduction and Statement of Purpose

Section II: The Political Perspective on the Issue

Section III: The Economic Perspective on the Issue

Section IV: An Integrated Perspective on the Issue




Grading for Assignment #2:

This activity is awarded 20% of the total grade in the course. The total number of points for this activity will be set to 100. The weight in the grade book will be set to 20%. The elements are assessed as follows:




10 points

Clarity and Organization

10 points

Content Knowledge

20 points

Critical Thinking and Originality of Thought

25 points

Evidence and Sources

10 points

Language and Tone

5 points

Grammar and Spelling

10 points

References and Citations

10 points


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