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  You have  paper due for this course, it should be 2000 words (but not less than 1800 or more than 2200 words). In John Dewey’s philosophy course, this statement appeared on an assignment sheet. This view applies well to these paper assignments:


The primary purpose of this paper in this course [is] not to gather together and amass learning and scholarship, but to give an examination of the question, turn the matter in as reflective a way as possible.

I expect that you will consult some outside references in your work, and use APA style. However, following Dewey, a paper on a conceptual topic like social theory is characterized more by thoughtful and careful analysis on your part than an accumulation of sources and ideas from other people. Therefore, only consult and cite sources that illuminate or support your own assertions and argument. I will evaluate your paper on clarity, rigor, quality of analysis and of synthesis, argumentation, and style.

Select one of the following ideas as the basis for this paper:

1 Discuss structure and agency in two of the social theories presented in class, such as functionalism, critical race theory, feminism, or poststructuralism. Use examples from the reading or your own reading or experience.

2 What is the role of sociology of education or social theory in education in understanding the educational process, such as teacher-student relations, curriculum, the leadership of schools or higher education institutions, and so forth? Pick one or two themes or issues.

3 Discuss one or two major themes of Bauman in relation to education, such as security in today’s world, refugees and displaced people, or the effects of uncertainty in society.

see the attachment of my work to  see my style of writing


Paper Guidelines

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