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***** You may either PASTE YOUR PAPER INTO THE BOX — or  ATTACH A FILE. If you want to ensure your submission, you may also email me the paper.***** 

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Perfecto | Social Science homework help
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In this five paragraph paper, you will apply 3  key concepts to NEW examples.

The key concepts can come from any of the weekly exams.  

You will also have 2 other paragraphs: an introduction with a thesis and a concluding paragraph.

KEY CONCEPT:social construction;  classism; ageism; racism; homophobia; horizontal hostility; intersectionality; cisgender privilege

biological sex; gender; gender ranking; gender assignment; gender acquisition; polar opposites of femininity; The Five Sexes; transgender; Greater Male Variability Hypothesis; ethgender; double jeopardy theory; boys’ academic disengagement

objectification; disciplinary beauty/body practices; beauty norms/ideals; metrosexual; double standard (in beauty norms/practices); sizeism; adaptive disidentification

gender gap in housework; Wages for Housework; EEOC; quid pro quo sexual harassment; hostile work environment sexual harassment; horizontal segregation; vertical segregation; glass escalator; glass precipice; glass ceiling; gender wage gap; reproductive labor; kin-keeping; Title VII; Lily Ledbetter Act; comparable worth.

anti-miscegenation laws;  heteronormativity; sexual scripts; coming out; asexual; queer; polysexual; cult of virginity; queering black female heterosexuality


From now until you sit down to write, look for evidence of the key concepts in the world around you.

As we did when we used Kanye West at the VMAs, India Arie, Pink , etc. you can see these terms at work in the world around you, constantly. 

You may not use any examples that I provided in class, or that you or another student provided in the extra credit Discussions. 

This is a separate assignment, and I want to ensure you learn these ideas for the rest of your lives — not just so you can get an awesome “A,” right now!    

You may select real life events from politics or the news. You may select fiction, poetry, music, music videos, broadcast television, radio programs, ETC.

You may also use your own experiences, but you may have to explain more than if you were using examples I can see for myself.

The key is to look NOW — and to keep looking before you write the paper.


1. introduce the key concept and fully explain it — in your own words — cite the page number from our textbook where you located the key concept at the end of the sentence. For example, (Shaw and Lee, 32). 

2. then describe the news story, music, poetry, film, etc, you think demonstrates the key concepts. You must USE YOUR OWN WORDS here. The only quotations will be those absolutely necessary to the example, and they must have quotation marks around them. 

3. show how the key concept is demonstrated.

How to get an “A:”

–Select challenging key concepts — not the simplest ones.

–Paraphrase accurately.

–Provide the correct page number.

–Select accurate, new and compelling examples of the key concepts. 

–Fully explain them.

— Submit a paper that is written at the college level and that is relatively free from error (see writing help in past sessions). You should draft, revise, correct, re-write at least three (3) times to be working in  good faith on this project. This means you should start no later than week 12. 


— YES–You may use the word “I” when writing, when appropriate. You are evaluating and interpreting.

 Plagiarized papers receive an F and a failing grade for the course as well.

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