Performance Management

Instructions: Read your classmate’s post and respond to it. Your response must either add to the argument or present an alternate point of view. Follow-ups will be graded on the substance of the response, and the depth of insight included in the responseCLASSMATE’S POSTIn the first week, I thought that the causal relationship between data and performance management is tenuous, and this makes performance management come and go. After learning the concept of performance management in the class, I still suppose that the governments can’t institutionalize performance management regimes completely. As I learned limitations of performance management, if the government seems to institutionalize a performance management regime, it could deteriorate over time. The goals that the governments initially set would become unrealistic due to a social change, and the governments should always check whether performance management is working. Without doing so, performance management would be ineffective.Also, performance management is often linked to a political matter, and it could be distorted depending on the political situation. I think that this phenomenon is caused by major two factors:1) effectiveness of performance management can be attacked due to the difficulty of attributing success to a particular reform2) the government should tackle many policy issues with limited budget, and priority is vulnerable to subjectivity.My overall thought is that performance management is highly effective for improving public service, but the policymakers constantly check whether it is appropriate in the current social situation and update it. I think that the most important thing regarding performance management is an appropriate and immediate reaction to social changes.


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