Personal Improvement Letter

Letter Assignment Using block format described above, write a letter to me reflecting on your work this semester. This Cover Letter will serve as the introduction to your ePortfolio.Drawing on the class and group discussions listed above, your letter should do some or all of the following:reflect on how you met course goals and connected with the course themereflect on your process for writing and revising the essays and the projects reflect on your personal improvement with writing and editing Be sure to support your points with specific examples from the assignments you’ve completed this semester. Strive to keep the focus positive.Your paragraphs should be between 100 and 150 words long.You may use the list presented above as an outline to follow, or you may choose a different organizational pattern.Your letter must flow well from sentence to sentence and from paragraph to paragraph.Your letter must be carefully edited.  Be sure to use Grammar and Spell Check (Microsoft Word recommended).This paper must be at least 500 words long but no more than 750 words long. (Count words from first word of your first paragraph to the last word of your last paragraph.)


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