Persuasive speech assignment & requirements


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Florida International University Department of Communication Arts

This assignment will teach you how to present an extemporaneously (conversationally) delivered persuasive speech. Using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, your goal is to persuade your audience to accept your position on a current and controversial topic. A full sentence outline, bibliography, and visual aids are required for this speech. It must be 5-7 minutes in length. Points are deducted for going under or over this time limit. Three sources or reference material are required for this speech. You must use supporting material linked to the thesis or claim and material that enhances your credibility as a speaker and the clarity of the topic. Sources and reference material are orally cited by you during the body of the presentation. Main points of the speech should be amply supported by specific research. Research is of sufficient variety (statistics, examples, comparisons, quotations, etc.). You are required to use a visual aid, as discussed in the text. You may only use note cards when presenting your speech. You will lose points if you read more than half of your speech from note cards.



You are required to submit an outline using the Monroe’s Motivated Sequence format. It must meet the criteria for college-level writing as stated in the Florida International University policies. Outlines should have a clearly defined claim; provide adequate support for that claim; be organized clearly and logically; utilize the conventions of standard edited American English; be presented in a format appropriate for this assignment. It should also be edited and word processed, grammar checked and spell- checked. If you fail to submit an outline, you will receive zero points on the outline grade. 



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