Phd isaac newton/part 1 | Social Science homework help

This paper is going to be the start of a final project.  – 1 page needed

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Phd isaac newton/part 1 | Social Science homework help
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Overview: This milestone represents the first step toward a successful final project as you compose the introduction and thesis statement for your film study.

Although you can change your choice of anthropological concepts, you cannot change your choice of film after submitting this milestone.

Complete the module discussion before completing this assignment. You can use the feedback provided by your peers and instructor within the module’s

discussion to improve your work for this assignment, which is the first milestone for the film study that serves as the final project. This milestone will consist of

your final film choice, initial choice of three anthropological concepts, and an introduction with a thesis statement that justifies how three anthropological

concepts are appropriately represented within the film.

Prompt: You will work on both Section I: Cultural Relativism and Section II: Introduction of your final project in this milestone. This milestone will help you make

decisions on the direction you will go with your final project. You need to practice using cultural relativism throughout this course in all assignments. As you

continue working on your final project throughout the course, you will revise and build onto this introduction.

The introduction should include the following critical elements:

I. Cultural Relativism: Ensure that you practice using cultural relativism as you describe and write about your movie. You need to use respectful language,

avoid making judgments about the characters, and remain objective during your analysis. This is not a separate section of your paper, but will be evident

in how you write about your film.

II. Introduction: You will introduce your film and the three anthropological concepts you selected.

A. Provide the title and a brief synopsis of the film that you choose to examine. A brief synopsis is a summary of the major points of the film. Be

sure your film is from the pre-approved list or that you have instructor approval for a film not included in the list.

B. Develop a clear thesis statement that identifies the three anthropological core concepts that you chose to examine in the film. For this

milestone, the thesis statement should be in bold font or highlighted with a different color. Before completing this assignment, consider viewing

the tutorials provided in the module resources. If you need additional guidance after viewing the tutorials, contact the Writing Center or your


C. Explain how the three anthropological concepts are represented within your identified film.

Note: This milestone is not set up exactly like the final project. You will need to review the criteria for the final project as you work through the course and revise

and build off your milestones to have a complete final project in Module Seven.

Guidelines for Submission: Your introduction should be submitted as a 1-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font,

and one-inch margins. The thesis statement should be in bold font or highlighted with a different color. Follow the most current APA guidelines to cite your film,

the MindEdge resource, and any additional resources. 

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