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In Week 1, you analyzed the article titled “Building a Bridge to Somewhere Better: Linking Health Care Research and Health Policy” by Davis, Gross, and Clancy (2012) to identify successful partnerships with major stakeholders in the US healthcare industry. In Week 2, you recommended the trainings necessary for physicians shifting from hospital-based care to community care. In Week 3, you demonstrated how evidence-based research contributes to health policies. In Week 4, you examined the use of social marketing as a communication channel in healthcare. In Week 5, you evaluated health service research projects. This week, you will to complete the final, detailed project by compiling all the projects done from Week 1 to Week 5 in a single 10–15-page report in Microsoft Word format. As you reflect on the material covered from Weeks 1–5, create a short summary of your thoughts on the future of healthcare. You will use this summary as the conclusion for your final comprehensive paper. You will also need to include the impact of partnerships, communication, evidence-based research, patient satisfaction, health reform, and the shift from hospital-based care to community care on the future of healthcare delivery in your paper. Be sure to make any necessary revisions and include an introduction, conclusion, and a separate reference list for this document.





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