Philosophical Analysis

Outline the argument: thesis, premises (reassigns for believeing the thesis), and evidence to support the presides. You should organize your essay to approx 650 words. What do you think the text is arguing? What evidence is there in the text to support your reading? What is the meaning of the texts arguments? Why? What implications are there if the argument is true? Why? Could the text be read as meaning something else? What reasons might someone give for holding this alternative reading of the text? Why do you find your original account of the argument and meaning is the text more persuasive than alternative readings? Finish your essay by taking a position of your own. What is your thesis? What are your premises for believeing this is true? What evidence do you have? Why might someone disagree with you? This articulation of your own position should be approximately 350 words in length and should refer back to the preceding philosophical analysis


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