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Despite an educator’s understanding and ability to develop curriculum they are seldom responsible for creating the curriculum in the classroom. In general, educators are given an established curriculum (what to teach), as well as an established time-line (when to teach it). This job related obligation to the curriculum is professionally and legally binding.

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In the Unit Discussion, you will discuss job related obligations to teach pre-established curriculum. Consider the following points:

  • What knowledge and skills are needed to create a successful, more connected delivery of curriculum?
  • How does your ability to develop curriculum help you extend and build on ‘teachable moments’? (provide example)
  • How does your ability to develop curriculum enable you to meet professional and ethical commitments to your employer, your students, and the families in your community?




this discussion number 2 with 300 words


  • Share why it is important to integrate curriculum.
  • Explain different ways to integrate curriculum. Identify a theme you would use and what activities you would implement.
  • Point out ways to accommodate special needs children in their play and/ or participation in project work.

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