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Make sure to make 5 points that are relevant to the topics of Physical Education and obesity levels in children. Use the text and information from other sources.

1.  The State requirement of the number of physical education minutes per 10 day.

2. The relationship found in this study concerning the number of overweight and obese children in first graders and sixth graders.

3. The idea of physical education specialists.

4. The idea that healthy children tend to become healthy adults.

Of those five points include your comments discussing these quotes from the article.

1. “ What we’ve discovered and what we know is the higher the fitness score, the higher the academic score,”

2. One principal told her the challenge is to determine what was more important: teaching students “to read or to run.”

3. Because physical education is not included as a core subject in the federal No Child Left Behind Act, teachers and administrators sometimes place a lower academic value on it, the report said.


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