Physical fitness industry? | Education homework help

Deliverable Length: 2 Pages  


To get acquainted and learn about background

1.  How did you get started in the Physical Fitness industry? What kind of educational background do you have in this field? How well did your educational training prepare you? If you were starting again, what would you do differently? 

2.  In your opinion what is the best way to enter the industry? What qualifications/skills are needed to do this job well? What training/education/volunteer experiences are helpful?

3.  What interests you most about physical fitness?

To learn about the work environment:

1. What is a typical workday like? A typical week? 

2.  How did you view this career before you got into it? Has your view changed, if so how? 

3.  What do you perceive as the major rewards and challenges of the field? 

4.  What special problems might someone new to the career have in adjusting to it? 

To learn about work stability and advancement:

1. How can people advance in this field and how far? 

2. How much job security do you feel is in this field? 

3. What trends, changes, or issues do you see shaping the direction of this field in five to ten years? 

To learn about entering the field:

1. What are the most important factors used to hire people in this work (education, experience, skills)? 

2. How do people find out about positions in your company? Where are they advertised?

3. What type of training programs/management programs does the organization offer? 

4. What is the entry-level salary range for this industry? 

Advice and next steps:

1. What is the best advice you can give a person interested in physical fitness? 

2. What professional organizations do you suggest joining? What readings do you suggest? 

3. Who else do you recommend I talk to? 

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